Ambigram + T-shirt


Finally, I found a way to put my ambigram designs into t-shirts so I can wear them proudly.

My friend, Mike, introduced me to “bleach art”.  It uses the bleaching process to produce a tattoo-like effect on a t-shirt.  In a black shirt, the ambigram will appear as brown or white.  Mike had several designs on his shirts like angel wings, tiger and scorpion.  They looked great.  So I thought why not use bleach art to make an ambigram t-shirt.

I made a design and bought some shirts.  Mike made the stencils and prepared the bleach.  Then we started making the ambigram t-shirts.

I sounds simple but to make the perfect print was very difficult.  We made a lot of mistakes.  Sometimes the print was too light or too dark.  Sometimes the edges would bleed and smear the whole design.  Sometimes, we created prints on the wrong places.  And there is the danger of destroying the shirts since too much bleach will make the cloth brittle.  Our shirts started to look like a rag.

After several laborous attempts and experiments, we finally arrived at the best process and formula.  So here is our first Ambigram Shirt.  We will be selling this in a bazaar.  We’re setting up a site for these shirts so that you can order them through the web or email.  So visit us in the next few days on how to get your own ambigram shirt and design.

Ambigram T-shirt “Proud Pinoy”

Ambigram Proud Pinoy

Ambigram T-shirt “I love you”

Ambigram T-shirt I love you

So what do you think?  I’d be glad to hear comments and suggestions from future customers. 😀


9 Responses to “Ambigram + T-shirt”

  1. koreanmine Says:

    galeng galeng. pdeng pang bizniz tlga. ska gud gift idea lalo na kung personalized ambigram name. pde ka cguro magpa pirata sa bench or sa mga lokal pinoy brands taz yan line mo. ah bsta! ang galing! pa order na nga 😀

  2. napaka galing! pwedeng pwede na sa market

  3. This will surely hit the gold in business… Baka kailangan mo ng partner… sama ako!

  4. wilfred Says:

    astig! noyping noypi ang dating
    gusto ko nyan
    may binebenta k bang ganyan sa market?
    pabili nga?
    mura lang ha, hehehe

  5. We’re impressed on the quality of design and print of the shirts. We are thinking of something like that for our org shirts. We hope we could have a kind of communication on a possible partnership. A whole College/University is a good market. And so is other universities as well.

  6. If the terms are right, we could avail shirts for annual org shirts and others.

  7. hi.. nice ambigrams.. love it.. wish my name has an ambigram too..

  8. where can i buy those shirts??

    pede ba kahit personalized??

    and how much??


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